Monday, October 20, 2008

My First Blog

This blog has been created to distract everyone from angie hoxies blog. It might just work. Im curently sobering up from jack daniels at sidetracks. I have no personality so this blog will not contain anything of substance. At some point it wont even be funny and just a giant waste of time. Something I will never look at. At this point there is nothing left but to actually go into the body of my blog which hopefully contains something intresting. But it wont... I wish it did. Maybe if I get high or drunk I can add to this blog and regret it later and delete it. Brandon Koppin also created a blog. In fact he is inthe couch blogging atthe same time as me. His may be better then mine. I wonder what Brandon Koppin is blogging about. He keeps typing. Angie Hoxies blog is high brow and is representative of her personality. Mine is not. I like to think of this as an anti blog, where I do everything but actually blog. Maybe a good idea of a blog would be to complain about everything in life that makes no sence. Then people can agree with me and it will distract people from the fact that this blog contains no substence, but relfecs on other peoples mistakes. Maybe this blog can be about my quest for a girl that is half wild and half cool. I havent found it yet or maybe I have who knows. But then I would seem desprite. At this point I will conclide the blog and there is a high chance over time I will find this thing useful and actually wow people with how amazing of a person i am. But we will see.


Anonymous said...

you're an idiot. love, Gaelan

Jason Goldman's Adventures of Life said...

what the fuck gaelan you have a fucking blog also. Way to hold out on me and brandon

bkop said...

Literary genius, I especially love the random misspellings brought about by your drunkenness. Nice touch.